Éirways Gets Out There

While working on Issue #1 of Éirways, I said to more than one friend, ‘If I’d known how much work it was going to be, I might never have started!’ When you’re slogging away in isolation on a project like this it’s hard to keep a sense of perspective – maybe a bit like Kevin Henry, whom we profiled in Issue #1, must have felt working deep underground in the coal and copper mines.

But it has certainly been a very exciting few weeks as Issue #1 of Éirways has gotten out there. It has been a real thrill to hear all of the wonderful feedback from subscribers and patrons around the world, and it’s been very gratifying for Kevin O’Brien and me to receive so many positive responses to all of our work. In the last few weeks, I’ve had the great good fortune to have been able to hand-deliver copies of Éirways to Dublin, to Chicago, to New York, and even to Paris (where I had a delightful chat on a sunny café terrace in Place Pigalle with writer and critic Rob Doyle, who contributed an essay to Issue #1). We have signed up with a fantastic distributor in the UK, and we even got some attention this week in London from Microsoft’s special-edition publication ‘The Five to Nine’, wherein independent publishing promoter extraordinaire Steve Watson (www.stackmagazines.com) singled Éirways out in a feature on ‘his top tips for launching a killer magazine’. Of Éirways, he wrote, ‘The magazine captures the character of Ireland beautifully’, which is, of course, exactly what we set out to do in the first place!

Kevin O’Brien and I went to New York City last week to visit a few magazine shops, to eat some pizza (one of Kevin’s (many) obsessions), and so that I could do an interview for Issue #2. We had the pleasure of a visit to Casa Magazines on 8th Avenue in the West Village, an absolute goldmine of every type of magazine you could imagine. I can't describe how exciting it was to see Éirways for sale there, in company with some of our favorite magazines in the world: 


Everywhere, there seems to be a real interest in what we’re doing, and it’s really giving us great encouragement as we go back down into our (figurative) coalmines and work hard on Issue #2. I’m very excited about what I’ve got up my sleeve for that one, and you can expect people and stories from Dublin to D.C., Mayo to Manhattan, and Lugnaquilla to Louisiana!

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Enjoy the summer!

Kieran O'Hare

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