Issue #1 Heads to the Printer

I am thrilled to announce that as of about midnight last night, Issue 1 of Éirways is headed to print. Kevin O’Brien and I have been burning the midnight oil accumulating last-minute content, editing interviews, and making final corrections. Kevin has designed an absolutely stunning layout for Éirways, and it has been amazing to watch him work. I never imagined how much nitty-gritty there was in the job of a magazine designer. I think my first real insight into his world was when I was asked to weigh in on whether our house style for a particular punctuational circumstance should call for an en-dash, or an em-dash ( – vs — ). Kevin is a master of all of these details, as well as being a true artist with type and image. He is hoping to have a final proof to approve this afternoon, and then, if all continues to go well, the presses start rolling, and we’ll start delivering Éirways to all of our subscribers in mid-May, as planned.

Over the next weeks, keep checking in to this blog. We’ll be posting updates, sneak peeks at our premier issue, and whatever other news comes up. As you can imagine, this is a very exciting time for us: to see all our months of work and planning come to fruition. We are buzzing with excitement to release our magazine into the world, and we hope very much that you will love it!


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