Contributor: Terence Winch, Literary Advisor

I am thrilled to be able to report that the inaugural issue of Éirways will include some brand new poetry from Terence Winch, who is also acting as Literary Advisor to the magazine. New York-born Terence, who has lived for many years in the Washington, DC, area, occupies a unique and central place in Irish-American cultural life, both as a writer, and as a musician and songwriter. In addition to publishing several books of poetry and collections of stories, he has contributed to The Oxford Book of American Poetry, The Paris Review, New Republic, and New Hibernia Review, among a vast array of others. Terence has been awarded an American Book Award, and The Columbia Book Award. You can read more about Terence’s achievements and his work on his website.

I have always loved Terence’s work for its humor, its heart, and his fresh and innovative use of language. He writes with love of the Irish-American world, and with warmth and insight about the broader human experience. I had a lovely, hilarious visit with Terence in Washington this past weekend, and it’s truly an honor to be able to publish some of his poetry. I can’t wait to get it into print.